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Prisca Dewgong

Post  yip9 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:56 pm

Name: Priscilla Luminice Silverarc II
Nickname: Prisca
Species: Dewgong
Age: 16
Home area: Whirl Islands, Johto
Favorite food: fresh tuna fish
Team: Aurora
(Aurora is a team of all-girl Pokemon; as you'd expect, the team's trainer tends to be sweet on its members.)

Personal Skills:
Teardrop Crystal- Water and ice moves restore HP to Prisca.

Species Abilities: Thick Fat - the effect of fire moves against this Pokemon is halved
Hydration- this Pokemon is immune to status problems during Rain Dance

Special abilities/talents: excellent swimmer and hunter of fish; very good at grinding ice and rocks to powder

Favorite Moves: Dive, Waterfall, Rain Dance, Aurora Beam

Original Moves: Diamond Dust (a snowflake group special attack Prisca learned from a mermaid - it's really useful in dual matches)
Water Shield (Prisca's version has two uses, the ever-present bubble surrounding Prisca that lets Prisca swim in the air as if it were water, and the force-field like droplet that envelops Prisca's friends to protect them from any water or ice-type damage.)

Strengths: very polite, knows when to persist and when to give up

Weaknesses: forgetful, especially of names, huge crush on her mentor, Yip9's male Dewgong named Jefferson

Favorite Bible verse: 'He hurls down his hail like pebbles. Who can withstand his icy blast?' -Psalm 147:17

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