Kevin Absol

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Kevin Absol

Post  yip9 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:58 pm

Name: Kevin
Species: Absol
Age: 23
Home area: east of Fortree City, Hoenn
Favorite food: hob-steak
Team: Hoenn Auxiliary
(which is Yip9's secondary team, primarily for use in the Hoenn region, where the team has won a championship

Personal Skills:
Frisbee Master- Kevin is excellent with projectiles
Wind Edge- foregoes the round to charge Razor Wind

Species Ability: Super Luck- this Pokemon will perform critical hits more easily

Special abilities/talents: despite being a dark-type, he's very kind and good at building friendships and alliances

Favorite Moves: Swift, Fury Cutter, Razor Wind, Faint Attack

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