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Post  yip9 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:00 am

And now an entry on a certain riddler:

Name: Boreas the North Star

Sabrina the Vulpix steps in to say, 'Boreas, please recall that your name means "north wind".'

'Sabby, do go away,' replies Boreas.

Willard: 'Record continues below:
Self-introduction: I'm buggier than certain operating systems.

Admires: Tohno Minagi - I'm her loyal servant, but she usually tells me to bug off (albeit in more polite terms). Kunisaki Yukito has no idea how ridiculously lucky he is.

Favorite quote: 'Don't gimme that jazz.'

Favorite song: You Shine by Brian Doerksen

Aside from that, favorite band: Everyone's Favorite Tucow (most popular band in Yipyip Tundra)

Wonders: Why aren't there star-type Pokemon?

Strange feature: My sleep schedule's the opposite pole of most Ledyba. I soak up the rays of farther suns.

Support Levels: Sabrina (I actually kinda like her, don't tell her I said that) C
Tails (such a cute Vulpix) E
Yip9 (he's a nice trainer who has no idea how to bring out the potential of us bug-types) C
Harry the Farfetch'd (we share a love of jazz) C
Willard (hey, I want hammerspace access too!) D
Freia (she's a little too hot, and I don't mean in looks) E
Aster (Aster sounds like Astral, which means 'of the stars') E
Kevin the Absol (he's good with Fury Cutter, a most excellent bug move, plus he has a better sense of humor than some folks) D

Hmm, I'm on fairly good terms with several folks, but nothing higher than C? It'd be tubular if I could get a best friend.

Favorite Moves:
Swift (it's starry, nuff said)
Moonlight (reflection of a sun that heals at night, very nifty)
Rest (sleep and regain health, dude)
Comet Punch (heh, Kangaskhan and Hitmonchan ain't got six fists)

Note from Boreas: Stories are groovy. Stars are groovier, but both plus an all you can eat buffet is the best.

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