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Sabrina Vulpix

Post  yip9 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:07 am

Sabrina the Vulpix: An adorable, bright, sometimes aloof, sometimes playful creature, Sabrina is named after Yip9's first serious crush. Her specialty is learning things which most Vulpix normally can't. Now and then Sabrina will speak formally, which she finds amusing. Although a fire-fox Pokemon, Sabrina will act a bit like a cat when she is in the right mood. Sabrina is of the rare class Hestia, because it is almost as if she has digested a Red Flute. (Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth, one of the three heavenly maidens untouchable by romantic love.)

Opinion of her teammates: I rather like this party. It is unbalanced as far as Pokemon elemental types go, so I would not wish to enter a tournament with this team, but that is not the reason we are here. Willard's a bit long-winded, but it can be fun to listen to him prattle on. For a grass-type, Leaf's not that bad. Rebeka seems quite close to Yip9. I'm not jealous; i am merely making an observation. I enjoy talking with Freia; she seems to understand me. Boreas is, well, rather different. I like listening to him tease Freia and Yip9. Harry is a quack, as he will tell you himself. I'm amazed that a Latias agreed to be trained by Yip9, and very surprised that Cordelia spends some of her free time here. Karin is cute, and the fact that she can successfully tickle Freia is very amusing. I don't know Claire and Prisca that well, but they seem to get along. Alicia's tendency to confuse our party is a great excuse to eat more Persim, Bitter, and Lum Berries. Nyahaha~

Opinion of Yip9: He's an ok fellow, but i suspect he will never understand us fire-types very well, since he specializes in water. His only fire attack is Prominence, and that's only available to him when he uses up one level of YipSystem, which is very inefficient, in my opinion. All the same, he appears to be a halfway decent all-around trainer, and he's kind to me, which is what I consider most important.

Favorite moves: Fire Spin, Swift, Recover, Rising Arc (an original move Sabrina discovered through research; a fire-type jumping uppercut, which, despite its appearance, is calculated as a Special Attack)

Interesting fact: The orbit of orange sparks present in Sabrina's intro and some of the epics involving her no longer exist. These sparks symbolized the presence of a gift which made all Special Attacks tickle Sabrina instead of reducing her HP. This gift also granted Sabrina complete immunity to Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Rock, and Poison. Sabrina sacrificed this gift to heal a fellow Pokemon by means of Loyal Fire, a move only available to Pokemon who are very loyal to their trainers and have reached high experience levels. Sabrina has not learned Loyal Fire, so she gave up her gift in exchange for a one-time use of the move at a crucial moment.

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