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Cordelia Latias

Post  yip9 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:13 am

'Hi, my name is Cordelia the Latias. I, being an average legendary Pokemon, was hovering through the grassland, making sure the common folk had no inordinate trouble, when a certain trainer finally hit his lucky break. He seemed ecstatic just to see me, and since I am a member of a rather reclusive species, I was innately curious to meet a human, so i decided against immediately disappearing in a cloud of mist. The trainer sent out a very handsome Lapras and a gentle-looking Dragonair. He backed away respectfully, while the three of us engaged in a pleasant conversation. In the end, they convinced me to join their party, because

1)the trainer has traveled all over the Pokemon world, and as i like adventure, this would be a great opportunity to find it.

2)when it comes to Pokemon, the trainer has this habit of butting his head against a wall until the wall breaks, so when he lets me down, he will keep trying until we improve each situation; this also implies that he will expect the best of me and help me to discover it.

3)the trainer tends to be sweet on his female Pokemon, so it is virtually certain that i will be treated very well.

4)i would enjoy the privilege of being teammates with them and their noble friends.

Special Ability: my great uncle trained me with Refresh until i reached his level of skill with the move. Our Refresh pretty much emulates a Lum Berry for the whole party if we wish.

Favorite Moves: Refresh, Mist Ball, Call for Friend (this is an unorthodox move i developed; you can surmise its effect)

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