The Story Of Two Old Rivals

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The Story Of Two Old Rivals

Post  Fircoal on Fri May 07, 2010 1:56 pm

The dark Pikachu looked around the whole area taking in the place that he’d never seen before like a cat eyes a mouse. He was curious. It seemed that his training had brought him here. He followed the trail of battles and this was the nearest town in which he had ran into. “Well,” the Pikachu said to himself under his breath. “I wonder if there are any battles that I can find here.”
The Pikachu went into the Pokemon Center, which he found right away. As he entered two Chansey greeted him.
“Hello,” one of them told him cheerfully. “I assume that you’re here to get yourself healed?”
The Pikachu just rolled his eyes and nodded, going up to the Chansey. Next to that Chansey was the other Chansey. It just stood there with its arms crossed looking down at the attitude of the other Chansey.
The cheerful Chansey turned to the angry one and then asked it, “Nahc, do you think you can take care of this patient?”
“Do you think you can make me a sandwich?” the Chansey stupidly retorted.
The cheerful Chansey just rolled her eyes. “Oh come on Nahc, I did the last three customers; it’s your turn to do something.”
“It’s your turn to get me a beer,” he insisted.
The cheerful Chansey turned gloomy at this and pleaded to him, “Come on Nahc you HAVE to work. It’s the great work of the Chanseys that we do. You have to do your job. It’s what make society go round.”
“You making my lunch makes society go round,” the other Chansey replied.
The first Chansey glared at the latter one and quickly pulled a club out from her pocket (what pocket?) and quickly started to pound the Chansey over and over again.
The Pikachu upon seeing this and realizing that they weren’t going to do anything for him went to the machine himself and operated it clearing himself from all of the misfortune that he encountered from battles prior.
As the Pikachu left from being healed he crossed the sight of the latter Chansey being tied up in ultra-tight rope, with several wounds all over his body. Over him was the former Chansey smiling happy, with a smirk that said “Mission Accomplished.” He decided not to bother either two of the idiots and just made his way outside. However upon doing this, he happened to accidentally bump into an Eevee that was similarly looking at other distractions, or rather observing.
The Eevee got hit straight in the head and stumbled back into the door. She then hit that and fell onto the floor. The Eevee had x’s in her eyes and it was obvious that she was now passed out. The Pikachu inspected the Eevee and her state. She was an Eevee with long brown pigtails wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. She had sandals on her feet and he noted that she had quite cute feet. In her hand was a notebook, that had some words scribbled on it. As he leaned in to see what it was, a certain Pikachu ran in the door.
The Pikachu was an anthro Pikachu just like Hyde was. He wore a black t-shirt like his friend, and blue jeans too. However he wore no shoes at all, and he didn’t really have hair but rather yellow tufts of fur. The Pikachu looked down at his friend and then looked up at Hyde. “What happened?” the Pikachu asked at first with a tone of questioning and concern.
“I accidentally hit her as I was going out,” the black Pikachu admitted.
The other Pikachu sighed and picked up the light Eevee in his hands. He then walked her over to the machine not paying attention to the bickering Chanseys. “It’s so hard to deal with since her HP always seems so low,” he muttered to himself.
The black Pikachu followed the other Pikachu and went up to him as the Eevee was healing. “Is she going to be all right?” he asked.
The yellow Pikachu nodded. “She’ll be fine, while she has low HP she’s just like us. For the most part.” The yellow Pikachu looked up and down the black Pikachu. “Hmm, a black Pikachu. That’s interesting. What’s your name?”
“It’s Hyde,” the black Pikachu told him.
“I’m Kaiyu,” the yellow Pikachu said.
The two Pikachu stared at each other for a couple of seconds before quickly gasping and jumping back a couple feet or two. “It’s you!” both of them shouted in unison.
“What are you doing here?” Kaiyu shouted at the black Pikachu.
“I’m doing what I want to,” Hyde replied. “There’s nothing that says that I can’t be in this town.”
“I don’t want you here,” Kaiyu replied. “After all that you’ve done to me I don’t wanna see you ever again.”
“Cause you can’t take me?” Hyde asked him with a snicker.
Kaiyu just rolled his eyes. “I’d definitely be able to take you, silly Pikachu. I just don’t want to embarrass you in a battle.”
“You embarrass me?” Hyde laughed. “I think that it would be the opposite.”
Kaiyu just laughed to himself to. “You know this isn’t the past. This is the future. And in the future things change. You may have been stronger-
“Much stronger,” the black Pikachu interrupted.
Kaiyu just rolled his eyes and continued. “Just because you were stronger then doesn’t mean that you’re stronger now. I’ve been training and I’ll have you know I’m no longer the wimp that I used to be.”
The black Pikachu just giggled. “It doesn’t matter that you’ve been training. I have been too. If we’ve both been training that means it should be an even match. But of course I was stronger at the start that means I should still have my lead over you.”
Kaiyu shook his head. “The only way that we’d really be able to test this is to have a battle.”
“Well how about it then?” Hyde suggested.
“I’d be up for it,” Kaiyu replied.
“Then be at the arena here at 12 tomorrow.” Hyde told Kaiyu.
“Oh I’ll be there.” Kaiyu told him.
And the two Pikachu went their separate ways for the match that would occur the next day.

And the next day came and at the time described came the Pikachu with his gang behind them. One of them was the Eevee from before still holding her notebook. The other two were a Leafeon who was bouncing around the Eevee, and a Flareon who had her head tilted upward, mainly coming to see the Pikachu get his butt kicked and laugh at him. While that seemed like her main goal, she once wanted to try to get some battling in. Unlike most of the Pokemon around they were non-anthro and walked on all four of their legs, which looked kinda odd in comparison to the two who walked on two legs.
As they reached the arena all of the Pokemon sat down besides the leader Kaiyu. (Freia: HE’S NOT THE LEADER! *burns my top hat*) He just stared off across the battlefield waiting for his opponent to show up to the battle.
After a couple of moments of waiting the other team showed up. In the front was the black Pikachu that Kaiyu had met earlier. Like Kaiyu he was anthro and he wore similar clothes except his T-shirt was yellow. He also had long black hair, the same color as his fur, which ran down in a ponytail to his actual tail. Behind him was a Bayleef that walked on all four legs. She had a sassy look on her face, as she two looked up and only at Hyde, the only Pokemon she really cared for beside herself. Next to her was a Wartortle. He was suited with small round glasses and a white lab coat that covered his body. He had no other clothing besides that and seemed to give off the aura of a smart Pokemon. The group of three walked fully to the other side where Hyde stood out before Kaiyu.
“So how are we going to settle this?” Hyde asked Kaiyu.
“I say the first one to faint is the loser,” Kaiyu replied.
“And if someone gives up or runs away?”
“I think that would make one the loser too.”
The black Pikachu smiled. “Well then. I don’t think you’ll be able to win this battle.”
“I believe you’ll be the one that’s losing tonight,” Kaiyu retorted.
“Don’t count on it.”
The two Pikachu stared down at each other. The Bayleef and the Flareon watched intently. One of them caring for the black Pikachu, the other just waiting for some wimpy Pikachu to get its butt kicked. The Wartortle was also watching but he was more concerned with laying back and relaxing. The Leafeon and Eevee sat next to each other; the Leafeon was sharing some berries with the Eevee who was mainly taking them to make sure that the Leafeon wouldn’t get upset.
After a long wait of staring finally the two Pikachu decided to make a move at each other and started charging at each other. The rushed at full speed, and both at the same time lifted off the ground and proceeded to slam into each other. Both of the Pikachu flew back to where they jumped off, skitting across their backs. The two Pikachu got up and started to rub their backs where they got burnt.
Both of them got up when they were done and looked at each other. Both of them started running right away. They run around in circles, both trying to increase their speed and make sure they weren’t caught by the other’s attack. They continued this until they figured it was enough, oblivious to the fact that they both did the same move meaning that nothing really changed.
The two faced off against each other with intense glares of hate and malice. The blue eyes of the black Pikachu turned fully red, and the eyebrows on the yellow Pikachu swooped down with rage. The two continued their glares and with them they sent out their thunders. One of them black and the other yellow. Intent on their glares and in their attacks they didn’t move which happened to be a big mistake as both Pikachu got hit with the other’s thunderbolt.
The black Pikachu quickly got up and rolled his eyes. “I’m done with this!” he shouted madly, enraged that he was tying with the pathetic runt that he used to massacre.
The black Pikachu charged at the yellow Pikachu while he was still down and sent his body full force into the small yellow Pikachu’s body. The Pikachu went flying into the air and the black Pikachu smirked knowing that he had Kaiyu now.
Kaiyu flew through the air groaning, still not fully ready. He launched off a thunderbolt at his opponent, but Hyde was too speedy and easily dodged them. He then jumped up into the sky and dashed around in the sky and onto Kaiyu. “Hello there,” he said with an evil grin before launching a powerful thunderbolt through Kaiyu’s whole body.
As Kaiyu’s body reached the ground, Hyde jumped off it landing on his two bare feet sustaining no damage at all. However the small yellow Pikachu was not as fortunate. From the point blank thunderbolt and the fall from the previous attack he had gathered up quite a bit of damage. He sighed at this and growled. “Stupid Pikachu,” he muttered to himself, obvious fluttered at his failure so far.
The crowd watched the Pikachu as he got up. On one side the Bayleef and the Wartortle were smiling and smirking as their leader was trouncing the enemy Pikachu. However on the other side the Eevee and Leafeon looked worried for the Pikachu, both wanting him to obtain a victory. However this was not all that ailed the two Pokemon. The two Pokemon felt the worry from the other and this only made them feel worse. Neither wanted the other to be sad in any way. The two wanted to help each other out but they saw nothing that they could really do. The Flareon while on the side of Kaiyu didn’t really seem to be caring about the results at all, she was just engrossed in the battle hoping that she’d be able to get a chance to face off against the black Pikachu that Kaiyu hated so.
Kaiyu faced the black Pikachu and got ready for his assault. After another long and boring stare down, Kaiyu finally charged down at Hyde. He rushed at him and Hyde knew it was coming. He quickly jumped out of the way as Kaiyu got near him. Kaiyu bashed straight into were the Pikachu would have been and landed on the ground skitting on his belly. The Pikachu lay there in pain before Hyde walked back over to him and gave him yet another point-blank Thunderbolt in the back.
Kaiyu screamed out in pain and rested along the floor. He started to breath heavily and slowly. “I think I’m on my last leg,” he muttered to himself. He took in energy and started to get up when suddenly a weird but familiar purple light appeared in front of him.
Hyde and the rest of the crowd looked towards the purple light, some of them amazed not being familiar with the light that shone. Out from the light came two Pokemon. One of them was an anthro Eevee. She wore a blue T-shirt and a long skirt. On her feet were some cute shoes that showed off only the tops of her feet, and put the rest of the foot in its black barrier. She had short brown hair that only went down to the middle of her neck. The other was an anthro Sandshrew. She had on an American bandana-like thingy on her head that covered some of her long brown hair. She wore overalls and under them a plain white T-shirt. The two Pokemon looked at the battling Pokemon and the onlookers with wide and confused eyes. “What are all of you doing here?” the Eevee asked them.
Kaiyu just rolled his eyes at the silly Eevee and explained, “What does it look like we’re doing? We’re battling.”
“Battling?” the Sandshrew questioned. “Why would you be battling?”
“Because this is the arena!” Hyde shouted out to the two newcomers.
The two newcomers looked at each other and started to laugh out madly.
The two Pikachu just stared at them with confused looks on their faces.
“What’s so funny?” Hyde asked them.
“This is the Pokemon Tickling Arena,” the Eevee pointed out to them. “There is no battling arena in this town. Only this one.”
The two Pikachu looked at each other with surprise and embarrassment. The Bayleef and Wartortle just rolled their eyes at their leader even though they weren’t able to figure it out either. The Flareon also rolled her eyes but hers were at Kaiyu and the silly Eevee that told this information. The Leafeon didn’t roll her eyes though she didn’t seem to show much surprise. Neither did the Eevee but she figured that they were using the arena as a makeshift battle arena so she didn’t bother to tell them about where they were. It seemed weird though that they were the only occupants in the middle of the day.
“So this isn’t a battling arena?” Hyde asked looking mortified and confused.
“Nope,” repeated the Eevee wearing a goofy smile on her face.
Hyde started to glare madly, and groan about this fact. He was not happy that this wasn’t a true battling arena. While one could only guess why this mattered to the silly dark Pikachu but it did. However while the black Pikachu was pouting, the losing Pikachu was scheming.
Kaiyu got up and got out a feather out of his pocket and grinning evilly. The Leafeon turned to the Eevee and asked her, “Hey Myukou, when did Kaiyu start carrying a feather around?”
The Eevee just shrugged, and admitted that she didn’t know even though this should have been the type of action that she’d catch in some notebook.
Kaiyu quickly tiptoed to the near Hyde who was too pouty to notice the Pikachu behind him. Since it seems he was on his last life he was going to have to resort to some methods that he normally wouldn’t consider. Though because of the place it only made sense. Quickly he grabbed the leg of the black Pikachu from right under him. Hyde squealed in surprise as Kaiyu held his right leg with his left hand and the feather in his right hand.
Kaiyu just grinned at Hyde and hit him with a thunder wave and suddenly the black Pikachu wasn’t able to move. “I believe I have you,” Kaiyu smirked putting the feather just above the sole of Hyde’s foot.
Hyde suddenly had a look of intense fear on his face. His friends noticed this and looked confused, considering the enemy only had a feather in his hands. However this didn’t stop from Hyde’s scared face from shining around the area.
Kaiyu grinned and lowered the feather onto Hyde’s foot. He started to swish it back and forth going from the top of Hyde’s sole to the bottom. This quickly made the black Pikachu laugh hard with serious intensity. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHQHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!” the Pikachu cried out in squealing hard laughter.
Kaiyu just grinned. “I think I have you.”
Kaiyu continued to brush the feather along Hyde’s right foot. First he feathered it along the middle of the sole, which caused Hyde to laugh hard and try to shake the best he could. Then Kaiyu swirled the feather along Hyde’s heel, which made the poor Pikachu laugh even harder, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!”
Then to finish up the Pikachu he inserted the feather right in-between Hyde’s big and middle toes. He then proceeded to put the feather in and out, the feather brushing against both of the ticklish toes. This served to be too much for the Pikachu has he exploded in laughter. “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSHFASJHDJGHKFAJDSHKGFJHKADSJHKFJAHKJHKGHGHAHAHAHAAHHJDSHKJDHKFASJADSHKFJHKADSFJHKADSFJHKADSF I GIVE!!!!!!!”
Kaiyu just smirked and stopped putting down the ticklish Pikachu foot. He looked over at his friends only to see a Flareon looking away in shame. A confused Leafeon and an Eevee hurriedly writing it down.
Hyde just sighed and lay on the ground totally tired from what he was just put through. He looked at his partners to see a Bayleef with a bit of a smile, and a Wartortle disappointed like the Flareon. He sighed and muttered “I lost…”
The newcomers both giggled at the scene, and the Eevee said to the Sandshrew, “That was worth watching,” before, taking her hand and skipping off into other areas of the arena.
Hyde just sighed and spoke up to Kaiyu still rested, “You know you didn’t truly beat me.”
Kaiyu smiled and patted Hyde on his head, making the black Pikachu feel embarrassed. “You can say that, but I also didn’t lose.” He then smirked at the Pokemon. “And it seems that I found the weakness of my old rival.”
Hyde just glared at Kaiyu and shouted at him, “THAT’S NOT FAIR! I WANT A REMATCH!”
Kaiyu smiled as he walked away from the scene and from the arena. “I’d be glad to have one. How about next week?”
Hyde nodded. “You’re on, and next time I won’t be embarrassed like this.”
Kaiyu just giggled to himself. “I’m sure you won’t.” He smiled and left the arena, his crew following. He was happy that he won in the end. While he disliked the fact that he won with such a bad method, Hyde was one that he would have to do anything to beat. He was worse than Freia, and just as bad as the cursed Eevee, Salyu, that showed up during his battle. Any way would work for him as long as he was able to show the dark Pikachu that ruined his past up. Anything for revenge.

(Hope ya guys liked it :3 )

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