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Mount Yipyip

Post  yip9 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:07 am

One rainy day a yellow-furred black-haired Pikachu, a little Eevee girl recording her observations, and a bouncy little Leafeon were enjoying one another's company at their usual tree. A fair Vaporeon swam through the rain to them and invited them to her home for dinner, when a fluffy creature appeared in a vertical line of green sparkles. Furry it was, with a lush brown coat, whirling saucer-shaped tail, and earmuff-like ears. 'Yip,' it yipped.

'What's that, Mommy?' asked the Leafeon.

'A yipyip!' exclaimed the amazed Vaporeon. 'I have read of such creatures in books, but to meet one was but a fond dream. How do you do, good yipyip?' she asked the yipyip.

'Yip,' it yipped happily. 'Yipyipyipyipyipyip, yipyipyipyipyip.'

'The tomes say yipyips possess an understanding of all languages, yet speak only yipyi,' the Vaporeon stated in a tone of awe tinged with confusion.

'Yipyip,' agreed the yipyip, and started to pad away, looking behind it every few steps.

'Maybe it wants us to follow it?' proposed the Leafeon.

'Yip,' yipped the yipyip emphatically, then passed each of the four Pokemon a gold coin embossed with a pomelo.

'Use these?' asked the Vaporeon.

'Yip,' agreed the yipyip, whirling its tail in the shape of a mountain. 'Yipyip.'

The Vaporeon put the clues together. 'Use these to follow you to Mount Yipyip?'

The yipyip wagged its tail vigorously and tossed its coin in the air. The four Pokemon tossed their coins in the air too and the five disappear in a swirl of silver sparkles.

They landed on snowy turf, dotted with furry creatures resembling their guide.

'Kaiyu, Myukou,' exclaimed the Leafeon excitedly, 'this must be where the yipyips live.'

'It is the chilly peak of story and song,' stated the Vaporeon in a contented voice.

'Let's go exploring,' yipped the Leafeon, giggling.

The Vaporeon giggled too. 'Please lead the way, Myukou,' she requested of the Eevee lass.

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