Riley's Interrogation

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Riley's Interrogation

Post  SilverGlameow on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:17 pm

This is my story. A tickling fanfic for Eclipse with Riley and Bree.

Riley's Interrogation
by ~SilverGlameow

A dim light filled Riley's blazing red eyes. His head was pounding and stuffy. He felt as if he had a cold, but it was probably because he bumped his head after controlling the newborn vampires… although it wasn't in his nature to let one overcome him so easily… Riley yawned and stretched his arms further above his head and brought them down to rest at his sides- cling, chling- Riley's eyebrows furrowed together in pure confusion. His arms were stuck above his head. Riley strained his neck to see what had his arms pinned upwards. They were chains with cuffs wrapped around his slender wrists.

A malevolent grin ran across Riley's face. Stupid, he thought, A vampire can easily break these measly chains. At that thought, he began pulling at the chains that had his arms over his head. There was a problem… they wouldn't give into Riley's monstrous strength. The brunette's soft lips turned into a small, toothy sneer. He began to flail out in a slight panic, kicking his legs as well. He heard another loud chling chink as his legs slammed back against the table he was on.

He snarled in frustration, "What the hell!?" Riley banged his fists onto the table that supported him in fury.

"Oh, good, you're awake." A small, soft voice emanated from the shadows that leaked timidly from the outer area's around the light. Riley jolted slightly, somewhat startled. He craned his neck upward to look over his heaving chest (even though he doesn't need to breath)

"Who is it!?" Riley growled fiercely. When no one answered he raised his strong voice in a yell, "WHO THE HELL IS THERE!?" slow, timid footsteps echoed from the darkness, revealing a small, pale figure stepped out, her red eyes looming over the pale brunette on the table.

"Riley…" she whimpered softly, "Why can't you tell us? Our minds are safe." The tiny female inquired, looking pleadingly at the teenage vampire, spread on the table.

Riley's eyes widened in a shocked expression, "Bree?" he shook his head violently and crinkled his nose in a snarl. "Are you insane? Let me go this instant! I have to watch the new-borns!" Bree's expression became more saddened.

"Tell me, Riley… Why aren't our minds safe?" She slowly stepped up to the end of the table, placing her soft hand on the toe of Riley's left boot.

The brunette male's eyes blazed with annoyance at the new-born standing by him, "How many damn times do I have to tell you? I can't tell you or our plan will be ruined all because of your stubbornness, Bree Tanner!" he snarled, trying to kick the small girl's hand off his boot.

Bree sighed, "Fine. I understand…" she looked down to Riley's boots and began to slowly unlace them.

The male vampire's flaring eyes narrowed, "…Well then… release me!"

"I'm sorry, Riley… I'll get my answer out of you one way or another." Once the lace for the left boot was untied, she went to unlace the right boot. "I won't stop until you tell me."

"Won't stop what?"

"You'll see… I know you won't like what I do." Once her fingers weaved around Riley's laces, she slipped off the right boot, followed by the left one.

Riley's eyebrows furrowed together, he being completely distraught, "What are you talking abou-" He didn't realize until the small new-born began to slip off his socks as well. "B-Bree! No! Don't do it!" Riley squeaked, the ferocity dropping in his tone. The younger brunette looked over to Riley.

"Then… you'll tell me?" she had a tint of a hopeful tone in her soft voice. Riley winced and kept silent. He knew he couldn't tell the new-borns because there minds were so fragile, especially if they didn't know the power of the stronger Cullen's, Edward and Alice. Bree's bright eyes fell upon Riley in disappointment. "I guess we have to do things the hard way… sorry."

Bree began to gently scratch the surface of the sole on Riley's soft foot. The brunette male fought the urge to burst into a fit of mad giggles. He felt his left foot twitch involuntarily.

"Hmm…" Bree observed. "You're feet are really soft. Maybe if I use something else I'll be able to get some laughs out of you." Her nails began to scribble all over to sole of Riley's foot while her free right hand reached down and picked up a feather from a can out of Riley's line of sight. Riley couldn't help but giggle and snort, fighting back his laughter. "C'mon, Riley… Kitchy Kitchy koo!" she teased, feathering Riley's pale, round toes.

Riley erupted into laughter when his toes were feathered gently. "KYHAAHAAHAAHAAAAHAHAHAAAA!" His toes twitched slightly as he tried to curl them. Bree's slender fingers wrapped around the toes, holding them back.

"No! Riley, I need to tickle your wittle toesies!" she teased, running the feather under all of Riley's twitching toes. The brunette vampire was going hysterical with laughter.

"WAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAHAHAHAAAHAAAA!" he wailed, squirming around madly and trying desperately to kick around wildly as much as the chains would let him. "STAAHAAHAAHAHAAAHAAAAP PLEEHEEHEASE!!!"

Bree shook her head, "I told you, Riley, I can't stop until you tell me why our minds aren't safe." She positioned the feather so that the harder tip was pointed to scratch gently under one of Riley's toes. "This little piggy went to the market…" she moved the tip to the next one, "This little piggy stayed home!"

"AAHAAHAAHAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!" Riley yelled with laughter, small tears appearing in the corner of his tightly closed eyes. "STAAHAHAAHAAP EEHEEHAAHAAH IT!!!"

Bree started to go in sing-song to tease Riley more, "This cute little piggy had roast beef!" she tickled under the third toe for a few seconds, then flipped the feather to the soft side, "this wittle piggy had none… awwwwh!" Riley's toes were twitching madly as his laughter rose a few octaves. "And this one… well…" Bree giggled, pausing to give Riley a few second break. "……This little piggy went... 'Wee WEEE WEEEEE!'" she stroked the feather furiously under all of the brunette vampire's toes, causing him to squeal loudly.


"…All the way to his come to his little home." She dragged the feather up and down Riley's twitching foot. The male vampire's laughter died down. "C'mon, Riley… just tell me, please! I won't tell anyone else."


The brunette female shook her head, "I guess we have to go to more extreme measures…" Bree crouched down to grab something. She stopped tickling Riley's foot with the feather. There was a rhythmic humming sound coming from her hand. Riley tilted his head, confused. What is that? He thought. His eyes darted around in deep thought, and widened, Holy crap!

"Bree! No! Not a toothbrush! Please!" he begged. Bree looked at Riley, her head slightly tilted.

"But… it's not just any toothbrush… it's an electric one." A small, innocent smile began to twitch on her soft lips as she rested the bristled part of the brush on the older vampire's big toe, gently so he could feel all of the swirling bristles touch his skin teasingly.

Riley erupted into laughter, "WAAHAHAAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAHAHAA!" he squealed, his toes twitching again. The brunette new-born moved the swirling brush to the ball of Riley's foot.

"How does this feel? Preeeetty tickly, huh?" she teased, her red eyes ablaze with humor at Riley's mad laughter. This was really fun for her and to hear Riley's non-malevolent chuckles was sure a change. Maybe she wouldn't have to get the truth out of Riley since she was having so much fun tickling his sensitive feet. She circled the toothbrush on the ball of his foot, sending it twitching all over the place. "Oh yeah! I never got to see how ticklish you were in a particular place…" Bree moved the brush to the sole of Riley's foot and let it swirl there as she reached down for the feather she dropped and began to saw it in between the toes on Riley's right foot.

"NYAAAAAAHAAHAAAT THEAAHAHAHAARE! HIYAAAAHAAHAHAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA!" Riley's toes wiggled as he tried to catch the feather between his toes.

"But you're making me want to tickle those cute little tootsies of yours, Riley." Cooed Bree as she dropped the electric toothbrush and separated the toes on Riley's right foot, sawing the feather slowly in between them. She felt Riley's cool toes twitching and wiggling under her fingers that held them apart. It made her smile.

Riley continued laughing, his left foot still twitching because of the irritating tingle the toothbrush left on the sole of his pale foot.

"Kitchy, Kitchy koo, Riley." The young female sawed faster in between his toes, sending him into complete hysterics. Bree tilted her head, letting Riley's beautiful hysterical laughter fill her ears. She didn't care about finding out why her mind wasn't safe. She just wanted to hear Riley laugh for a few minutes before she let him go.

Bree made the feather circle around each of Riley's toes, separating each one after a few circles.

'WAAHAAHAAHAAAHAAA haahahaaaheeheeha AAHAHAAA!" his laughter rose when the feather stroked in between and under his toes.

Bree continued to torture the brunette for a few minutes before stopping. Riley's red eyes blazed angrily as he glowered up fiercely at the young, female vampire.

"Bree, you will pay for this!" he snarled, twisting around in his chains. The younger brunette giggled teasingly, poking Riley's right foot.

"I would be nicer to me if I were you." She teased, causing Riley to giggle hysterically. "I still didn't let you out yet. I don't need to know why our minds aren't safe, but whenever I want to really know… I'll just knock you out and tickle you until you tell me. Next time I won't give up afterwards and listen to your laughter. I'll find out." She stopped poking his foot and began to undo the chains. "Okay?"

"…Okay…" Riley sighed miserably. He prayed silently that Bree would forget about today and not treat him differently or tell the other new-borns about his weakness of ticklishness. Or even worse, is they did find out Victoria was behind the whole thing, and they told her. Riley's head fell back on the table, letting the sound of the clinking chains sooth his mind and cool, somewhat sore body. He began to close his blazed eyes, drifting off into a sleep that wasn't required of him as a vampire.

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