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Fiaa Vaporeon

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Name: Fiaa
Team: Aurora
Allegiance: Yip9

Description: Named after Fiaa the emerald maiden, one of the fairest sprites in all of Riviera, Fiaa exhibits some characteristics of her namesake; sometimes she will go out of her way to act like her namesake would, even though it may not be how she would behave otherwise. It's rumored that Fiaa does this because her trainer is rather infatuated with her namesake and Fiaa wishes to give him some consolation. Fiaa is kind, thoughtful, and polite. Like Sabrina the Vulpix, this Vaporeon likes to talk with formality on occasion, but Fiaa does so because of her upbringing. Fiaa is very modest and blushes fairly easily, usually in various colors of the oceans.
Acting on the advice of a certain Charmander named Barry, Fiaa reiterated an action from her childhood, asking her close friend Comet the Jolteon to make her his bride. Comet happily accepted Fiaa, and they became declared mates in a magnificent double ceremony with Felix and Anya, two Persians trained by Yip9, who finally decided to do something about their long-standing affection.

Personal Skills: Eaten Safeguard- Fiaa accidentally ate a TM for teaching Safeguard as a baby, and so has been immune to status problems ever since.

Favorite Moves: Bubblebeam, Surf, Water Gun, Water Shield (Since Yip9 hates wearing human swim gear, we his water-type Pokemon have developed this move to assist him; it allows the target to breathe underwater infinitely and prevents the effects of getting wet.)

Opinion of her trainer: Yip9 and i get along pretty well, not only because i try to be kind to him, but because i specialize in water-type Special Attacks, and Yip9 specializes in training water-type Pokemon. Yip9 has a few on-command water-elemental Special Attacks, and several more when he consumes a level or two of his YipSystem. i rather enjoy practicing my skills in and with water together with Yip9 and his many water-type Pokemon.

How Fiaa joined Aurora: One day a Vaporeon was on her evening swim in an enchanted lake. She didn't notice a Remoraid diving below her. Just as she took a relaxing melt into the waves with Acid Armor, the Remoraid looked up, startled, and immediately zipped for shore. A guy waiting there stooped down to communicate with the fish. 'Tidly,' he whispered, rewarding the Remoraid with a plump, juicy earthworm. It appears the fellow was a trainer, for after he withdrew into the shadows he sent out a Lapras, who quietly slipped into the water and minutely and patiently scanned the water until
she caught sight of the Vaporeon. The Lapras offered the Vaporeon a clump of pristine red kelp as a greeting gift, and explained that her trainer was greatly impressed by the Vaporeon's beauty and prowess, and thus wished to train her. When the water-types returned to shore, the trainer offered the Vaporeon generous terms of mutual service, but the Vaporeon declined with hesitation. The Vaporeon chatted with the Lapras for another minute, then turned to go. During this interim the trainer mused thoughtfully.

'Wait!' he cried just as the Vaporeon was about to swim away. The Vaporeon turned around to behold the trainer's Jolteon.

The Vaporeon blushed a sea-green and yipped, 'Comet!' as she jumped into the Jolteon's embrace.

'Coming, Fiaa?' asked the Jolteon.

Character Supports:
Comet (If only you were a little more proper...never mind, I'm so in love with you that it doesn't make a difference.) A
Aster (My lovely daughter is peerless.) A
Freia (Thank you for taking care of Comet in our early days and Aster in the present.) C
Caper (As the one my daughter loves, you must be wonderful.) C
Barry (Your advice to re-propose to Comet has made my life very happy.) D
Fircoal (Thou art a fine young Pikachu.) D
Leaf (A cute little Chikorita, you'd make a good playmate for my daughter.) D
Rebeka (Bash your head against the wall until the wall breaks is the best Pokemon training method.) D
Diam (Visiting your house was a joy.) E
Claire (Please, be a little more thoughtful.) E
Willard (Visit our home to be treated to a Pecha Berry.) E
Harry (My memory has been foggy ever since your space-time experiment on us.) E
Prisca (Aster speaks well of you.) E
Ellsia (Isn't water a fine type?) E
Lina (Do join our trainer. You'll find it delightful.) E
Sabrina (Thank you for your kindness to Freia.) E
Cordelia (To be the teammate of a Latias is a supreme honor.) E
Gale (Fishing is grand. I'm sorry so many treat you poorly.) E
Spontaneous (Have fun with the Buizel.) E

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