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Post  yip9 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:13 am

Name: Farfetch'd Harry d'Leek
Class: Self-styled Researcher of Space-Time Science and Arcane Magic

Self-introduction: 'Pokemon number 83 reporting. It makes an excellent meal cooked with leek.' He glares. 'Where did those murderous excuses for scientists come up with this jazz?' Harry yanks a saxophone out of hammerspace and blows the intro of a mournful tune. 'No wonder my species is going extinct. i much prefer this description: "It looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, but surely it isn't a duck. Farfetch'd uses twigs as mini-swords." Those researchers are such quacks, but then so am i.' The resident quackin' mascot twirls his leek like a cheerleader's baton, catches it, and bows. 'i like to dabble in space-time distortion. Access to hammerspace sure is a nifty side effect of my efforts. Rebeka the Nidoqueen is my childhood friend, and i still chat with her now that we're grown.'

Personal Quotes: 'We future rulers of the world have more interesting theories to investigate.'

Harry's most notable success in space-time distortion was the experiment in which he aged the Twinkle Star clan of Eon nobility, otherwise known as Fiaa and Comet's family, twelve years in the blink of an eye. He teaches the sciences of space-time, botany, flight, and chemistry in a private academy as well as classes on space-time distortion, arcane magic, and alchemy that meet in secret. This alchemy is Harry's newest hobby; it has made him a fast friend in Claire the Lanturn. Harry takes the more serious side of the equation, fascinated by the different combinations that can be made from the vast number of objects available in hammerspace, while Claire prefers to joke around, experimenting with brewing fellow Pokemon. Harry's favorite authors are Albert Einstein for space-time distortion and Merlin, the wizard of King Arthur's legends, for arcane magic. Harry likes to banter with Cordelia the Latias, whom he terms the 'levitating excuse for a legendary.'

*The Farfetch'd waddles off, muttering about 'beautiful algorithms' and 'the earth-shaking combination of science and arcane magic.'*

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