A Romantic Dinner (Nekro)

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A Romantic Dinner (Nekro) Empty A Romantic Dinner (Nekro)

Post  yip9 on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:55 am

'Wheee!' chirped the Chikorita. 'Leaf's going on her first date!' The grassy lass had received the following invitation in a pink flowery letter:

Into the mouth of darkness fly
Above the clouds, above the sky
Two red fangs and two red eyes
Come in quickly, or they will all die

'What the dickens is this?' she had asked her trainer curiously.

'In its original context, it's a way to let a boy with a bike in to botch an X-removal plan,' translated the trainer, 'but in this case it means you've been invited to a blind date with some shady character.'

So the Chikorita polished her grassy skin and tried to make her neck-buds and head-leaf grow extra green. Taking a fresh supply of Yip9's best berries to present to her date as a gift, she mounted Yip9's Articuno Felsen, thinking riding a legendary would help her make a grand entrance, and flew into the dark mouth above the clouds.

A Pikachu sat waiting at a table, beautifully decorated with fruit, ribbons, candles, and a chandelier above. The Chikorita dropped gracefully from the Articuno's back, spun around cutely, and bowed to the Pikachu.

'Hi, I'm Leaf! Thanks for inviting me.' She extended the berries to the Pikachu with a giggle. 'Here, these are delicious.'

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