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Toya is the youngest human yet (at the tender age of 14) to become a Dragon Whisperer. His in-depth analytical way of thinking has proven repeatedly valuable and with his power of Telekinesis, it has allowed him to quickly jump most of the hurdles that resulted from official training.

Like most other Whisperers, Toya is a magnet for trouble of all sorts (It's in the job description you see) and peace will rarely last when he's around. Although employed directly by the Monarchy (To be explained further below), Toya is incredibly lazy, and will not work without incentive. He spends his time pursuing his own interests, indulging himself with books from the libraries he routinely steals from. He claims he steals them on purpose when asked, but usually he just forgets he has them.

Toya does not tolerate pain well, but he has become incredibly hardy over the years to deal with things. His capacity with Telekinesis usually handles things for him, but too much prolonged telekinetic activity will leave Toya with a headache, or can even cause him to pass out. However, he does not have the capacity to focus for extended periods of time, and constantly makes mistakes. His tendancy to only remember things that interest him often leads to conflict with other Whisperers. Even though others can't stand his self-centered behavior, Toya is very understanding and tolerant of others.

His dragon partners Aroo and Aree are possibly the only ones who can truly tolerate him.

The Monarchy: The government of the country. Although they call themselves a monarcy, it is truly a council of the people, and for the people. The recent members have taken an interest in the long despised Dragon Whisperers and have managed to turn the select talented group into a royal guard. With very few families in power of The Monarchy though, a few Dragon Whisperers remain untethered that do whatever The Monarchy requires.

They have the best interests of the people in mind, but their dealings with other countries are secretive and under-the-table affairs. They tolerate little dissent, and react severely to any rumors of an uprising. Still, the economy has never run more smoothly and the country is extremely secure. While the press and speech are limited, intellectual dealings run unhindered, though a careful eye is kept.

Dragon Whisperers: A dragon whisperer only shows up incredibly rarely, as perhaps one in a million people. They not only can communicate with dragons easily, but they have several other talents and each Dragon Whisperer has a unique ability. (In Toya's case, it's the Telekinesis). Most are highly intelligent and good natured people, but the power they hold is considered far too dangerous to be left unchecked.

This is not an unreasonable idea, in the past, a great number of Dragon Whisperers have wreaked havoc and completely abused their talents.
They are viewed with suspicion and even outright hostility in certain places. They attract trouble more easily than a rabid weasel in a chicken house.

The total number of Dragon Whisperers in the world at the moment come to: 217
In the country: 24

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