Team Breezy itself and Collin the Charmander

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Team Breezy itself and Collin the Charmander

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Team Breezy is an exploration team that had originally worked for the Berry guild, which despite the odd name has a reputation for training the best rescue teams around.

Rolly and Summer were fascinated with learning and ancient history when they decided to form the team, but they had never managed to truly find a niche in the guild. They had been doing rather well, until they recruited Collin as a member.

The mystery of his once human state was kept quiet from the guild, but Collin's odd behaviors were enough of a hint of difference that this didn't remain secret for long. A long winded adventure was in its early stages when the mythological fight between Groudon and Kyogre began once more, and as it turned out Collin had something to do with it, and the guild became obligated to find a solution.

Although the team has had legendary success when Team Breezy took care of the issue, the team has not found great success in the exploration business, and is growing bankrupt.

Key Figures
Leader: Rolly the Shinx
Lancer: Collin the Charmander
Smart Guy: Yomi the Larvitar
Big Guy: Nena the Dewott
The Chick/Medic: Summer the Eevee

The Sixth Ranger: Aria the Swoobat and Oreo the Purrloin


Collin (Charmander)
Flamethrower Smokescreen WideSlash Nasty Plot
While in his teenage years, Collin went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning as a Charmander. Rolly and Summer took him into the team and he originally served as a home link, working by cooking and cleaning for the guild, finding jobs for the team. When it came out he was once human and it was found that it tied into the natural disasters, he was forced into leadership and charged with finding the solution.

Even as the leader he kept to himself and was busier reading books about the history instead of working in the field, leaving Rolly to handle outside research. Rolly had more success when he met an older Grumpig with a wide knowledge of myth and legends.

After all was said and done, they embarked to find the fabled Emerald Orb and the Temple of Creation, with Collin once again pushed into leading the way. The journey made a great impression on him, and he grew much friendlier with the rest of the crew.

Just to his luck, Groudon and Kyogre were in the midst of an epic battle massive enough to overtake and destroy the continent, and while he did manage to finish the job, it required sacrifice to work, and consumed his essence.

He got better, and while he has an active role in the team now, he has left leading the team to Rolly, and when not working, Collin pursues legends and myths.

Personality: Collin is rather distant when interacting with others. He is not shy per se, but he is clueless to how Pokemon actually interact, and is not willing to make mistakes. He is actually rather sociable with the rest of his team, but he doesn't communicate effectively and still often ends up confused.

He is quite timid about work, he has high expectations for himself, but he doesn't ever seem willing to put in effort towards something that doesn't interest him. Actually, he's incredibly lazy and indulgent. Collin doesn't play well with others and is quite sensitive to insult, whether perceived or real. He also tends to over-analyze things, but he is intelligent enough to reach a believable and likely conclusion.

When fighting: Collin prefers fighting from a distance and staying out of reach. He won't fight in close range without the help of smokescreen... ever. He still hasn't quite learned how to breath fire properly, and overheats his system quickly, often resulting in fainting and lasting damage if he isn't properly cared for. He instead relies on an array of Iron Thorns, Sticks, and Silver Spikes. Although he isn't supposed to be able to learn the move, Collin has used Blast Burn before, and it's possible that it may happen again under dire stress.

The last and only time this happened though, Collin dropped himself and all of his team. If it weren't for Aree and Nena they likely would have passed away.

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