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Rolly (Shinx)
Roar Thunder Wave Thunder Fang Wild Charge

Rolly was born into a higher up family during prosperous and happy times. While he had almost everything a Pokemon could want, he craved a more dangerous and fulfilling life. He had supportive parents, but they tried to tie him down for his own safety, and he ran off. He didn't get too far, but whatever happened he had become bolder, and pushed his boundaries as far as he could. His parents eventually caved in and sent him for training at the best guild they could find.

Rolly has known Summer all their lives, and they stuck together, and trained in the guild together. They were talented and made an ideal team, but they were far too young and had too little experience to pull off anything groundbreaking.

When Rolly found Collin, things took a turn for the exciting and he was pulled into the adventure of his dreams, and he came out all the better for it. Now he can lead the team on epic missions and not only scrape by, but pass with flying colors.

Personality: Rolly has an unmatched appetite for adventure - and a knack for getting into trouble. While he has the makings of a natural leader, his insatiable greed drives away far too many jobs. However, he's a sucker for a sob story, and always either overcharges, or works for free. He is single-minded and determined to do the job right, but he is naive, and pushes the rest of the team too far when trying to achieve the most ideal possibilities.

He has butted heads with Collin and Summer repeatedly; the two serve as the voice of reason, but he has become wiser with experience and manages the team much more effectively with Summer as his advisor.

While he plays himself off as a ladies' man and feigns vanity, he's really quite insecure and constantly needs praise or a sense of accomplishment to keep working. He keeps his fears to himself.

When Fighting: Rolly is rash. He'll charge ahead and press the attack, and while he isn't fragile, he does tend to bite off more than he can chew. For his size, he is still incredibly strong, and there is usually more going on in his head than others might think. He will throw himself in harm's way for his friends, and he has the stamina to actually take it, but he tends to try to take the fight over himself, and comes out all the worse for it.

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