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Post  yip9 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:59 am

This place has way too many Eeveelutions, so why not add one more to the mix?

Name: Aster
Class: Leafeon, a Verdant species of Pokemon
Type: Grass
Age: 17
Team: Myukou's

Species ability: Leaf Guard: This Pokemon is immune to status during Sunny Day.

Personal Skills: Hop In: If Aster is ringed out, she may rejoin the match the following round.
Leaf Pile: While Aster is asleep, she is invulnerable.

Favorite moves: Leaf Blade (Finally, I have Leafeon's trump card. Yippy, thanks for training me.)
Sunny Day (With this in paw, I make good use of Leaf Guard. Plus, it's great for growing my leaves.)
Razor Leaf (Wowie, I never thought I could harvest herbs with this. It even doubles as a group attack.)
Quick Attack (The opponent would never expect a fast, weak hit. *crazy giggle*)

Level 71        ExP.

HP 1872 up 39 per level

Ratings: Attack 17, Defense 19, Speed 11, Evade 1, Special Attack 6
Special Defense 9, Aesthetics 26, Spirit Check 6 (50%), Dexterity 31

Character Supports: Fiaa (ally)- grant reflect, A*2
Comet (ally)- grant crit and rise, D*2
Freia (ally)- all ratings+10
Freia (opponent)- Freia's fire moves' # doubles
Leaf (ally or opponent)- grass moves' end effect*1.2

Equipment: Heat Rock- Sunny Day lasts for eight rounds instead of the usual five.

Tail Whip- 4 PP; target's defense -10
Helping Hand- unlimited PP; ally's next move's #*1.5
Sand-attack- 3 PP; target's accuracy -1
Razor Leaf- 8 PP; 55 grass phy GA; if diceroll 4-5, effect*2
Quick Attack- 5 PP; first strike, 40 normal phy
Sunny Day- 5 PP; weather changes to Sunny Day
Synthesis- 8 PP; Aster recovers half of her max HP; if Sunny Day, restore all Aster's HP
Leaf Blade- 4 PP; 90 grass phy; if diceroll 4-6, effect*2
Last Resort- 5 PP; 130 normal phy; only usable if Aster has used 4 distinct moves
Grasswhistle- 5 PP; inflicts sleep
Rest- 3 PP; Aster falls asleep, awakening in 2 rounds

Aster is the heiress of the Twinkle Star clan of Eon nobility, the daughter of Fiaa the Vaporeon and Comet the Jolteon. Having spent much time with Freia, Comet and Fiaa's childhood friend, Aster tries to combine Fiaa's goodness with Freia's spunk. Although brought up by Fiaa to be genteel, Aster takes more after Comet (whom she calls Baba, the Chinese word for daddy). Comet is laid-back about rules and proper things, since he is nobility only by mating. One example of Aster's position as a noble is the fact that although a bred Pokemon, she makes a flashy entrance, bursting out from a Timer Ball. Aster has a weird laugh and likes to blush different shades, ranging from turquoise to forest green and occasionally light pink or magenta. When Aster was 12 to 15 years of age, sometimes she referred to herself in the third person. Since they both are leaf-twirling, nature loving youngsters, it may be hard to distinguish Aster from Leaf the Chikorita. Keep in mind that Aster isn't as hyper as Leaf and isn't addicted to Berries. Aster's dream is to conquer the world. Fiaa tries to quash this aspiration, but Comet thinks it would be hilarious.

These songs would be on Aster's iPod: Fireflies by Owl City, Storyline Battle and Infinity Academy from Sailor Moon Another Story, mini-boss battle from Paper Mario, Rival battle theme from Pokemon Emerald, Gotta Catch 'Em All (Aster's favorite song)

Character Supports:
Fiaa (Mommy, I love you!) A
Comet (Baba, you're the greatest!) A
Myukou (My best friend is now my trainer!) B
Freia (It's fun to hang out, if Freia will spare the time.) B
Kaiyu (His voice is so beautiful!) C
Niyu (She really knows how to give a comfortable haircut. She's a sweet legendary.) C
Salyu (What a nice Eevee lady) D
Diam (The Lord Arceus is very hospitable.) E
Evil (He's mysterious. I'd like to know what he's thinking.) E
Amy (This Riolu is cute, fun, and a wow wow fighter.) E
Leaf (Grassy girls forever!) E

Aster likes Salyu quite a bit, but they aren't close, mainly because they don't spend enough time together.
Aster's support with Niyu is a higher level because she really likes Niyu. A good haircut goes a long way and even better, they once undertook a journey together to conquer the world.
Kaiyu and Aster have a weird bond. Aster has heard Kaiyu's singing voice, which he very rarely exposes to anyone. Kaiyu is protective of Aster, which she has mixed feelings about because she dislikes being seen as weak and unable to defend herself and thus unworthy of being a future world conqueror. Aster looks up to Kaiyu and like Myukou, she has seen past his tough exterior to his essentially good heart.
Aster misses Niyu, Kaiyu, and Salyu quite a bit. She feels as though they haven't played for ages, even though Aster sees the other Yu cousin Myukou several times a week.

Note from Aster: 'Have you met my Eevee kits Smilax, Burdock, Violet, and Glisten? They're so cute and little!'

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