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World is mine

Post  yip9 on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:40 pm

A little Leafeon was unhappy. I've had it, she thought, Caper is always sweet to me, but I've told him my dream of taking over the world and he hasn't helped. Mommy tries to quash my dream and Baba acts like he's encouraging me but I can tell he thinks it's a joke. Willard says Yippy, Caper, and Mr. Fircoal command these things called characters and plots that rule the world, so if I secure their support, I'll have a good Chansey of success, but they are all laughing at me. Being cute and weak is the pits.

The little Leafeon stewed for a few minutes, then ran around the house until she found a Vaporeon who was taking a bubble bath. 'Mommy.'

'Hello, Aster the Incredibly Cute,' her mother greeted her. 'Would you like a bubble bath too? Just ask our servants; they are very serviceable.'

'No, thank you, Mommy,' said Aster. 'Remember the Axis Powers? You join with the others who rule parts of the world to ensure your own success.'

'Aster,' the Vaporeon told her Leafeon of a daughter sternly. 'You are not to have such lofty dreams. Leave rule of the world to those who have been granted authority. Rebellion is like the sin of Haunter-summoning.'

'What's wrong with summoning Haunter, Mommy?' asked Aster curiously. 'Barry does it and you said he's the nice Charmander who told you to propose to Baba a second time.'

'Go ask your father,' sighed the Vaporeon. As her leafy daughter scampered off, she said softly, 'I must be doing something wrong as a mother.'

'Hey Baba,' yipped Aster.

'What's crackin', cutie?' a sparking Jolteon greeted her.

'Do you know anyone who rules a part of the world?'

'Joining with the powers that be, only to wrest power from them once your alliance has accomplished all you desire?' grinned Aster's father. 'Great strategy. You should look up Niyu. Best of luck, and have fun.'

'Of course I will,' quoth Aster brightly, and she skipped out of the house, heading along the path toward Shavland.

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