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Post  yip9 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:27 am

Name: Freia
Species: Flareon
Team: Not currently on a team, just trains under Yip9, constantly complaining about how stupid of a trainer he is.

Description: Freia likes Comet because they have been fairly close friends for years, ever since they met right on the way to Veeschool, where Comet saved Freia's life, preventing a hungry Raticate from munching her. Freia liked Comet as a more than a friend, too, but she would never admit it. With the help of a brave Pikachu hereinafter known as Kaiyu, Freia has discovered her special ability; unlike most Flareon, her ears and tail are prehensile. When Fiaa the Vaporeon, who is Comet's childhood friend, asked Comet a second time if Comet would make her his bride and Comet accepted her, Freia was crushed. Sabrina the Vulpix and Yip9, who is usually rather dense when it comes to recognizing semi-hidden emotions, noticed Freia's downhearted state within a day and stayed by her side until she began to perk up again. Yip9 even gave up his Pokemon training during this time, which touched Freia, although she didn't show it. Even after her emotional recovery, it is apparent to those who know her well that Freia has never been the same since that day.

Freia's opinion her of trainer: Even though Yip9 tries to care for me, I find it hard to trust him. His specialty is water, which I hate. He seems to like his female Pokemon more than most trainers, and I find this to be annoying. This dude, for some reason, sometimes expresses care for his Pokemon by physical affection, which I'm quite uncomfortable with. Yip9 is kind of a jerk and I'm not sure why I stick with him, maybe for the healing and escaping benefits a trainer can provide. Being my stupid trainer's Pokemon also lets me keep in regular contact with Comet and Sabrina.

Age: 17

Special abilities/talents: Prehensile ears, able to ignore body's sensations at will

Strengths: Strong-willed, agile, quick thinker, independent
Weaknesses: impulsive, sometimes restrains expressing her feelings, sometimes thoughtless or selfish

Favorite Moves: Quick Attack (get in first!)
Ember (it's good for warming things and cooking food)
Fire Spin (Yip9 likes it, as if I care)
Fire Blast (This is my trump card~)

Personal Quotes: 'Don't think I'm cocky; I'm just honest.'
'No, I didn't mimic Fiaa, it's the other way around.'
'I am not envious of Fiaa. I disbelieve the illusion.'
'I am not silly. Nothing and no one can get me to admit otherwise.'
'The Attack stat is the forte of the Flareon species. It's what I care about.'

Flareth: 'I've noticed most of your favorite moves are Special Attacks. The Attack stat isn't what you care about.'

Freia: 'How unfortunate. You seem to be correct.'

Character Supports (from E to A with increasing closeness of relationship);
Freia's description of their relationship is in parenthesis:

Sabrina the Vulpix (We're on the same wavelength) B
Willard the Wigglytuff (a busybody and a dolt, why does he get access to hammerspace and I don't?) E
Harry the Farfetch'd (a mad scientist, pretty amusing) E
Yip9 (my trainer, love-hate relationship) C
Cordelia (I still can't believe that our trainer shows off a Latias, but I admit it's a great honor to fight beside her.) E

Barbara the Flareon (lxnvk's character; I freed her from the stocks and we escaped together) D
Alex (seems like a pretty nice guy) E

Flareth (She and I share the same piece of existence. I honor her, yet sometimes I despise her.) C
Comet the Jolteon (My childhood friend, I wish he came to visit more often and somehow I feel a little sad when we meet.) A
Fiaa the Vaporeon (Comet's declared mate, we grew up together) E
Aster the Leafeon (Comet's daughter who likes to follow me around) D

Fiaa, explaining why her character support level with Freia is only E: Freia is tough and independent. She also loves posing a challenge and puzzle for her opponents. Thus, you can probably understand why she doesn't reveal her weak points upon request. I try to be nice to Freia, but I'm not sure how effective my efforts are; maybe I'm not trying hard enough. It's good that Freia listed our relationship as E support level- that is much better than nothing. Perhaps we aren't so close because her childhood friend is my declared mate, so she doesn't get to see him as much as she used to, and now I'm closer to him than she is. The facts that i'm a water-type and Freia's a fire-type and our trainer's specialty is water, so our trainer gets along very well with me, and it is much easier for our trainer to train me than Freia, may have something to do with it as well.

Kaiyu (He's a good friend and a great teammate.) B
Salyu (She's been my ally in the past but I don't trust her) D
Myukou (She's a reliable source of information and a sweet ally) C

Favorite Swears: 'Entei's mane!'
'Flareth's nonexistence!'
'Ho-oh's flame!'
'Moltres inflame you!'

Favorite verse: 'He makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants.'
-Psalm 104:4

Likes: Winning, especially Pokemon matches, legendary Pokemon, especially the fire-types, picking on others in a joking sort of way, anything fire related

Dislikes: Formality, being preached to, sacrifice, whether her own or others', water-, rock-, ice-, and ground-type Pokemon (strangely, Freia doesn't mind dragon-types), losing

Favorite food: Freshly caught fish, toasted by Comet's Thundershock

Note from Freia: Comet, you're a really cheap fighter. Quit dodging everything I throw at you.

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Post  Fircoal on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:11 pm

What happened to Freia's old note? D:

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Post  yip9 on Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:15 am

A character's note changes whenever I update the character's profile. Besides, do you really like reading an insult to your favored Salyu?

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