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Post  yip9 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:19 am

Name: Leaf
Species: Chikorita
Team: Aurora, an all-female team of Pokemon; the trainer has crushes on most of its members. What a silly trainer.

Description: Leaf is a total fiend for berries. The world runs on berries, don't you know? There's nothing more important than planting berries, watering berries, harvesting berries, studying berries, sharing berries, and especially eating berries.

Leaf's opinion of her trainer: Yip9 is nice, primarily because he appreciates the value of berries. He rather likes grass-types and trains us well. He generously shares his berry collection with me and I collect and harvest some berries for him in return. We have a simmbaiyotick relationship.

Age: 9

Special abilities: Access to a nearly infinite supply of berries, able to sprout leaves that float around and do her bidding, Tropius formchanging

Strengths: Nothing scares a stout Chikorita.
Weaknesses: Except when it does and she squeaks cutely and runs around in circles, flails, flees in terror, et cetera

Favorite Moves: Razor Leaf (It does Big Damage.)
Tackle (pounce~)
Vine Whip (I want vines too.)
Solarbeam (I will learn this someday.)

Personal Quotes: 'I'm not ticklish.' *gets tickled and dissolves in laughter*
'You do want a berry, don't you?'

Character Supports (from E to A with increasing closeness of relationship);
Leaf's description of their relationship is in parenthesis:

Spontaneous Combusken (You're wrong and you're a fat hen.) E
Freia (I am not afraid of you.) E
Sabrina (For a fire-type, she's really nice.) D
Aster (She's like me but without the berries.) C
Lerioc (I like a mysterious lizard lady with fun friends.) C
Salyu (Eevee are fun~) C
Syane (Sandshrew are splendid~) C
Mr. Chuchu (He's the best. We have so much fun playing together.) B

(I'm drawing a blank on Leaf's interactions with Firfir's characters. Please remind me.)

Favorite Swears: 'Oh yeah?'

Likes: Hoenn Berries, Johto Berries, and Sinnoh Berries, in that approximate order.

Dislikes: When someone doesn't want to play with her

Favorite Food: Magost Berries

Note from Leaf: Mr. Fircoal, why don't you like berries?

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