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Post  Vio on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:28 am

Name: Kasei
Gender: Female
Species: Vulpix

Personality: (all over the place)
Kasei is rather confident and boastful. She's fairly hyper active as well though easily loses interest in things if they don't offer immediate entertainment. Well she may not actually try she can be quite annoying. Kasei likes to be the center of attention and is rarely intimidated by anything. She can be quite hot headed, but more likely oblivious to most insults. Kasei likes to do things her way, but often doesn't plan well. One of her more respectable quality's is her loyalty. She is quite loyal once she decides she likes somebody. She wouldn't abandon a friend for anything. Unfortunately for her at times, she makes friends easily (Or at least she decides who her friends are, the other pokemon may not realize they are 'friends'). She is fairly stubborn when it comes down to it, refusing to give way on anything. Not that she has never been convinced to change her mind.

She looks the same as most every other vulpix.

Kasei hasn't the most astounding history. She was born with five siblings, she was the runt of the litter. Being in such a position changed her naturally shy demeanor into a more cocky one. She started to believe herself when she told herself that she was the best of them all. She was still never able to beat them in a battle as they had all learned more advanced moves. She had been humiliated for the last time though. She spoke with her mother and simply left. She decided some time on her own would make her strong enough to face her siblings. However, she rather enjoyed being away from them. It was quite a pleasant experience and she simply neglected to return. She started wandering around the world, deciding it was far more fun then having to be nipped at by one of her siblings.

Moves: Quick attack, and tail whip

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