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Breezy's Characters

Post  yip9 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:43 pm

Oliver - Charmeleon - The child of a noble. Withdrawn and naturally stuck up, but mildly. Generally kind otherwise.

Nena - Dewott - A ditzish and highly silly sort, but inwardly much more calm and rational than one might think. She needs constant attention.

Bluk - Archeops - A rather eccentric sort... Believes that it is his duty to make others happy. Raucous and lively.

Rolly - Luxio - A natural leader. Brash and blunt, but highly learned and genre savvy.

Cocao - Typhlosion - A calm and motherly sort, in contrast to Bluk whom which she has a long history with. Dutiful and hard working.

Summer - Eevee - Quiet and distant, with a taste for sarcasm and bitterness. Unusually loyal though, once she grows accustomed to another.

Whimsyful - Spinda - A lax natured pessimist, but still highly sociable and helpful. Definitely ditzy with a dash of docile.

More to come.

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