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Comet Jolteon

Post  yip9 on Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:25 am

Name: Comet
Species: Jolteon
Team: North Star

Comet grew up in the wild and evolved into a Jolteon much earlier than most Eon kits; he has trained under Yip9 for some time, although the records are unclear as to whether Comet has been a member of a championship team.

Level 55
Age (as if human years): 29

Favorite Moves: Metronome (I grew up playing with a bunch of Clefairy, so I'm pretty good with this)

Thunder (Fiaa uses Rain Dance, then I hit every time with this strongest of Electric moves)

Quick Attack (my mother is a dancer and my father a martial artist, so I can use this like an acrobat)

Charge Beam (it looks beautiful and raises Special)

Support Levels, from E to A in increasing closeness of relationship:

Fiaa the Vaporeon (my childhood friend and now my declared mate; in my eyes, she's all but perfect! I love her so much.) A

Freia the Flareon (my childhood friend, I've known her even longer than Fiaa; sadly, one day a mad scientist of a Farfetch'd performed an experiment which aged my entire family 12 years in the blink of an eye, so now I'm 12 years too old for my old chum, plus I'm spend most of my free time with my family so we don't hang out much aside from training.) A

Aster the Leafeon (my super cute 12-year-old daughter) B

Harry the Farfetch'd (the crazed time-space researcher who thought my family were his lab rats) E

Character Supports, for use if Pokemon dual battle:
Fiaa: All ratings plus 27, block and evade+1, grant rise and crit
Freia: Defense and Special Defense +18, grant crit
Aster: All ratings +9, grant rise
Harry: Harry's time-space distortion hits at #1.5 and added effects have a diceroll+1 chance of occurring

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