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Post  yip9 on Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:39 am

Name: Pikajien
Explanation: Pikachu-Subtraction
Species: Minun
Team: Hoenn Auxiliary

Support Levels: Giachu (Yay for Plusle) A

Favorite Moves: Spark, Charge, Metronome, Helping Hand

Like most Minun, Pikajien loves cheering for other Pokemon, especially her friends. She loves the Lum Berries her trainer gives her, but she'll eat any food thankfully, that is, with a thankful heart. Pikajien isn't sure whether to look at things negatively because she's a conductor of negative electricity, or whether to look at things with optimism because she's a cheering Pokemon. She's a nice girl who likes playing with sparks, pom-poms, friends, and Metronome. Her Special Attack is unusually high for a Minun of her level because of her training with Spinda.

Favorite insect: Weedle

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