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Post  Arcy S. on Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:28 pm

Name: Reuken

Species: Jolteon

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has the appearance of a typical Jolteon, with the exception of the Chimchar doll that she's always carrying around with her. The doll would ride very close, its arms wrapping around her neck. The paws would join together and stick to each other because of the velcro on their front sides.

Behavior: She has a shy, quiet and curious personality. Because of this, she normally finds herself running into sets of unusual circumstances whenever she's in a place that she is not yet used to. She also tends to believe that she has something to prove, whenever she tries feeling braver than she's capable of. That sometimes lands her into some hot water, to which one of her friends has to come along to bail her out of.

Likes: Warm days that aren't very humid, the sea, star-gazing, baby Pokemon, music

Dislikes: Extreme hot/cold, loud noises, crowds of Pokemon, approaching strange Pokemon, sour foods.

Extra info: The Chimchar doll that she always has with her was one that she technically stole from Nova. The Chimchar doll had a tear in the left arm, near its shoulder, which Reuken promised that she'd get it fixed for him. Feeling bad that she'd have to give him back a doll that would have stitches in its arm, she bought an Infernape doll and told him that his Chimchar doll had "evolved" while she'd been getting it fixed for him. Nova thought nothing strange of it and thanked her for getting the doll fixed up for him. Meanwhile, she kept the Chimchar doll, gave it an extra tear or two, then got it fixed. When Nova asked where she had gotten the doll, she nervously replied that she had found it lying in some ditch, abandoned by whoever was taking care of it before. The extra "scars" seemed to fool Nova, yet he felt like he might have seen the doll somewhere before...

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