Nova the Buizel

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Nova the Buizel

Post  Arcy S. on Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:10 pm

Name: Nova

Nickname: Wave

Species: Buizel

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is 2 inches taller than what an average Buizel`s height would be, making him 2'6" tall. Otherwise, he is an ordinary Buizel.

Behavior: He likes daring himself to do the most insane things that he can think of. He makes himself out to be an adrenaline junkie. Other Pokémon think that he isn't very sane for that reason, yet usually finds his enjoyment performing such high-risk activities. It sometimes lands him in the Pokémon Center whenever he messes up, yet he enjoys doing what he does. And because he hardly cares for his own safety, he would take a hit if it meant that another Pokemon or friend of his would be safe. He will rush into things head-on, knowing neither consequence or fear of what he'd be getting himself into. His quick reflexes often serve him well, and can get him out of most tight situations without much trouble.

Likes: "extreme" activities, racing in the water or on land, relaxing by floating on his back, playing with sticks, daydreaming

Dislikes: Critics (because he feels as though they wish they could be like him), repeatedly screwing up on something, bitter foods, having to go to the Pokémon Center after an attempt goes very wrong, the idea that recklessness isn't a good idea

Extra info: He gained his behavior from his father, who also had a passion for doing extreme stunts. He idolized him for what he did, and for that reason he is constantly trying to perfect his art, knowing that he may become better than just a protegé someday. He learned more than a few things from watching his pops perform these stunts, eventually modifying, and even creating some of his own.

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