A message for you (Minus Yipping yipyips and Buizelly Buizel)

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A message for you (Minus Yipping yipyips and Buizelly Buizel)

Post  Fircoal on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:47 am

Dear You,
Yes you, you asshole.
For all the times that you acted like you cared and that everything was fine.
I know that it’s a lie.
You say all these pretty words to me. Say words of kindness and praises. Empty praises based of the little you know.
You act as if everything is fine and happy in the little world that you try to conjure up. Everything is nice and fine.
But you don’t like me. You don’t want to talk to me. Hell knows why. You have your reasons. You all have your reasons. You don’t like me, and that’s obvious. But you can’t tell me that. You just stick to the damn pleasantry. The same act of through and through.
But guess what asshole. I have eyes.
I can see, asshole. I can see your lies, and I know that they’re lies. The words by sound nice but your actions are bitter and your soul is dark. You can say what you will, all the fake happy words, but when you don’t act upon them or show that you care they aren’t worth a damn.
Never once will you try to talk to me, but you rather wait for me to bother your holiness. Never once will you go up to be, or have interest in any of the shit that I care about. I am nothing to you, because you want me to be nothing to you. And nothing forever I will be.
And in the end asshole, you give up at some point down the line. Where you show your true colors and move onto something else, instead of playing with my heart and mind. The game and the act is over. Never does friendship matter. The past we shared has no bearing on the future. Because some day, you’ll show your dickish self and stab another knife into my body.
Well guess what asshole, I’m tired of all these knifes. I’m tired of you being an asshole and hiding your thoughts behind your back, and all the pleasantry that you use instead of getting to know me.
In the end all the cases are the same. A bloody betrayal of tears. Long hours spent shivering because you decide to play around with my heartstrings. All the aching hours where I wait for you, and feel believing that something is there. All the days were I’m sleeping because there isn’t anything better to do, in the sea of endless knifes. All this cause of you asshole.
And in the end there is a choice that you have to make. You can either try to be a good friend, and give love to the world, or you can stay the asshole you are and continue your hatred and malice. If you choose the former path I wish you luck on your venture. If you choose the latter path, I wish you a good eternity in hell where you belong. For there isn’t a fire strong enough for your feeble existence. All the fire in the hell could not do enough damage, for what you deserve asshole. I sincerely hope your life is short and your path in hell long.
Those that will die tonight.


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