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Post  Fircoal on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:00 pm

Hello and welcome to the Motivation GAme. This Game is To motivate everyone to write more and more words because I want everyone to succeed this Nano round. Now let me tell you about the motivation game. Basically the motivation's core to is bring up motivation. The way we have decided to do this in the game is via rewards and threats. The point of the game is to give a goal for the user to be able to get to. There are 3 different types of goals that can be pledged to. They are: Daily, OPtion 2, and Option 3

Daily: Daily works by the pledger giving the writer an amount of words that they want the writer to write daily. The writer collects their prize whenever they amass more than that amount of works in a day. This prize can be collected multiple times and will only run out when the pledger de-pledges.

Tips for Daily Pledges: BEcause of the nature of daily pledges to be daily, it is very possible that the pledge can come up multiple times. That means to say unless you're fine giving out 30 of the pledged then you should try to make the pledge a goal it would be hard for the writer in question to get to.

Option 2: Option 2 works by the pledger gitving the writer an amount of words that they want the write to write. Option 2 builds up so that it can be gotten multiple times but unlike daily it doesn't all have to be done on the same day. The words will continue over until the goal is reached in which the writer will get the pledge, and they will start the pledge over at 0.

Tips for Option 2: BEcause it is ablso able to be done multiple times, don't do a low number. STill with something in the mid range, that will likely take sevreal days or a week. Be willing to give multiples, or go to Option 3.

Option 3: Option 3 works by the pledger giving the writer an amount of words that they want to write once. Once the goal is reached the person gets the prize and the the pledge goes awya. The word count can either be used as how many words the writer wants the pledger to write from their current count, or the goal they want them to have in the end.

GEneral Notes: Optionally each pledge can have a deadline so that if the writter doesn't meet their goal on time the pledge goes away, if that happens they can no longer win the pledege without it being renewed by the pledger.



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